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Just a reminder that #a week without regrets has started!

What is it? An event to celebrate and appreciate the ASL trio.
How to participate? Produce some of your own works and share them with other tumblr users through the official tag. Works can include: colourings, fanart, gifs, edits, fanfiction, etc.

Prompts [27th July - 2nd August]:

Day 1: General
Day 2: Lyrics/Quotes
Day 3: Colour
Day 4: Tears
Day 5: Growth
Day 6: Protect
Day 7: What if

Please note that reposting or posting unsourced work as your own is unacceptable! Remember to tag your works appropriately (eg. NSFW, opspoilers, trigger warnings) and have fun! :)

From your event leaders - Jen, Krizzia & Kaylin.

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